We are in the wholesale VoIP for past 10 years and it was always a tough time for us to manage daily changing A-Z rates. We were completely depending on MS Excel for managing customer and vendor rates. It always lack flexibility and easiness. We need to go through too many sheets to find a lowest offer.

Sales team was always demanding a better option to handle rates. We approached some developers for a custom solution. But we always ended up with a standard rate sheet format to develop a system. Standard rate sheet format will only work for tier1 companies. This was a great challenge for us. We want to load rates from different vendors who send their sheets in different formats. Nobody could give us a solution for this.

Finally our relationship manager, Jineed came up with a unique solution to import different rates sheets to a database. Once the data is in a database our developers could add CRUD functionality to it.

Now our rate admin can quickly import / export sheets to our rate management system where sales team can quickly search / sort rates.