Today we have introduced Virtual numbers for our users. As an introductory offer we are giving out free virtual numbers of UK and US. You can get this number from our customer portal and forward it to your regular telephone number (landline / mobile).

What is virtual number ?

Virual number is a telephone number which can be forwarded to any regular phone number either landline or mobile.

Why I need a virtual number ?

The application of Virtual number is unlimited.

  • Accelerate¬†your business expansion.
  • Centralize¬†business activities.
  • Be local in any market.
  • International call forwarding.
  • No worries when travel abroad.
  • Single number for all your contacts.

What will be cost of this service ?

As an introductory offer we offer US and UK numbers for free. This offer ends till number exists in our list.

Normal charges for Virtual number starts from $1.99 – $3.99 per month. Additional to that, there will call forwarding charges. It depends on the country to which you are forwarding. You can find the full list of rates under “Rates” in customer portal.

How can I activate the service. ?

Login to customer portal and navigate to “Call Forwarding”. You can select your virtual number there and then add your phone number to which you want to forward your virtual number. Ready to go !!

If you don’t find a number for your location, please let us know. We will add it in 24 hours.