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Rate Management Application

We are in the wholesale VoIP for past 10 years and it was always a tough time for us to manage daily changing A-Z rates. We were completely depending on MS Excel for managing customer and vendor rates. It always lack flexibility and easiness. We need to go through too many sheets to find a lowest offer.

Sales team was always demanding a better option to handle rates. We approached some developers for a custom solution. But we always ended up with a standard rate sheet format to develop a system. Standard rate sheet format will only work for tier1 companies. This was a great challenge for us. We want to load rates from different vendors who send their sheets in different formats. Nobody could give us a solution for this.

Finally our relationship manager, Jineed came up with a unique solution to import different rates sheets to a database. Once the data is in a database our developers could add CRUD functionality to it.

Now our rate admin can quickly import / export sheets to our rate management system where sales team can quickly search / sort rates.

India rates

Dear Customers,

We are forced to increase India rates as the market rates went up drastically 2 weeks back. We’re negotiating with our vendors on this for past 2 weeks and could finally fix a good rate for our customers. Now we are offering India at 0.03$ / min. We will update you If there is any further change on this.

Virtual number call forwarding

Today we have introduced Virtual numbers for our users. As an introductory offer we are giving out free virtual numbers of UK and US. You can get this number from our customer portal and forward it to your regular telephone number (landline / mobile).

irual number is a telephone number which can be forwarded to any regular phone number either landline or mobile.

The application of Virtual number is unlimited.

As an introductory offer we offer US and UK numbers for free. This offer ends till number exists in our list.

Normal charges for Virtual number starts from $1.99 – $3.99 per month. Additional to that, there will call forwarding charges. It depends on the country to which you are forwarding. You can find the full list of rates under “Rates” in customer portal.

Login to customer portal and navigate to “Call Forwarding”. You can select your virtual number there and then add your phone number to which you want to forward your virtual number. Ready to go !!

How can I choose best calling card service ?

There are tons of calling card service providers on web. Choosing the best one is always a tough job. Most of the very famous calling card service providers announce best calling rates but have hidden costs or contracts or 180 seconds billing round.

So how can we choose a good calling card service. We can always follow some generic steps.

1. Always start with a small denomination. This helps to test the service offered by a particular provider.

2. Select a provider who offer minimum 60 seconds billing rounding. Means, calls will be charged per minutes instead of every 3 minutes. You can save money on short / dropped calls here.

3. Select a provider who offer mid range rates – not too high, not too low. There are different kinds of routes available in the industry. Cheap routes offer low call completion and low quality. We use telecom service to talk with our loved ones. So talk when you talk instead of saying “hello‚Ķhello” multiple times.

4. VoIP technology improved a lot during these years. There are many simple ways to call. Like calling card app, callback app, Pin less dialling, mobile phone calling apps. So choose a provider who offer these services […]

Live traffic widget added to wholesale page

We were thinking about adding our traffic flowing details available to our website. Our team came up with multiple ideas. As there was no API from our switch provider it was really a tough time for our team to make this possible. Mr. Shamis, Technical head Suggested implementing Google visualization chart with map (geomap) connected to database helped us to pull data from our switching server.

Now we are done with this. This help our clients to bring confidence in us also it help our clients to offer best rates on destination we have live traffic.

We will add a A-Z destination rates to our website very soon. We are in touch with Mr. Shamis to give us innovative idea